Organizing How To: House Warming Party

Organizing a house warming party can be more stressful than you think it’s worth. With these simple tips you can keep your cool and make friends in your new neighborhood while amidst party chaos. We know that your party will go more smoothly and effectively with these ideas. Enjoy your new home and neighborhood!


Mantras To Help You Stay Organized

Has part of your home become a breeding ground for unnecessary clutter? There’s no need to think of garage organization as a hassle. Consider setting a goal to get organized by spring and keep your goal by taking these mantras to heart. An organized space can help you feel free to do things you actually enjoy instead of wasting time cleaning up each day.

The Circle Theory: There is a way to help you stay organized in the home and the garage. Consider an item’s whole “circle of life” when you take out items to use it. Tell yourself that your cereal bowl needs to get back to its original place quickly. (Don’t we all want to go back home after work!? Same idea applies here.) Treat your items like a human. Think in this order when grabbing your bowl in the morning: pour cereal, eat cereal, wash and dry bowl and place the bowl back in its original spot. This cycle should be followed when doing anything with items. Adults have a hard time overcoming incompletion in a variety of areas in their lives. Break your habit and finish everything to the very end. This will help you at work, and with keeping your home and garage more organized.

Give it away. Get comfortable with going to Goodwill or a consignment store to donate unusable items. This is a simple way to rid your home of unnecessary clutter. Ask yourself, “Do I use this often enough for the money I spent?” or “Does this item go with the kind of life I’m trying to build?” If the answer is no, it’s gotta go! Don’t hesitate to give unused items away because chances are you won’t even remember them in a week or two. This also gives the items a new life with someone who will truly appreciate them.

Stop shopping without a purpose. The easiest way to pile up clutter is to be constantly purchasing things that don’t have a specific purpose. Try to only buy things that you really need. This will help tremendously later, making the amount of piles for you to organize significantly less.

Garage Organization

Speaking of piles, never make piles. There is nothing else sure to get you out of the organizing mood faster than trying to organize the giant heap of items you left on your garage floor. Take into account your will to clean up the items. If piles are constantly making you feel nuts, you probably should throw away, give away or go through that pile. (No one wants to do that). To save us the headache, just avoid making piles. Remember the circle!)

With these ideas in mind, we know that you can tackle even the most cluttered of spaces.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Garage Organization

Organizing the garage is a hassle for most people. We try and try to find functional and classy organization options all across Pinterest. Sadly, a lot of time these suggestions don’t really work for us. Here are four reasons (and solutions) for why you aren’t getting things organized.

It doesn’t suit your family or life. A large problem with organization how to lists is that they are written from one person’s point of view. Is this individual your twin sister? Probably not. Even if they were, your needs and organization goals we most likely differ. Craft a plan based on your needs. We think that Pinterest browsing or searching blogs is a fine idea, but make it personal to your family. Make the articles you find a jumping off point for your organization creativity instead of a destination.

You aren’t using the right products. A lot of families assume that shelving or cabinets will take care of the clutter. Unfortunately, most actually need a combination of both. We are masters of combining these items. Contact us to get started on your perfect, customized garage plan.

Garage Organization

Remember your layout! A lot of DIY organization plans don’t take into account your exact layout. Every garage is different. Some are large and some are small while others are long. Make sure when you are falling in love with a certain organization plan that it will fit the layout of your garage!

Treat yourself nicely! Don’t set organization goals that are unreachable too quickly.  Make attainable goals for yourself. We don’t recommend a giant organization overhaul in one day. Instead, try organizing a little bit each day. Things will find a place organically and easily.

We know that you have been wanting a more organized and harmonious garage. Follow these simple warnings and change up your garage! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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Organizing Your Road Trip

Even though our garages are the perfect home for cars, those cars aren’t going to stay in the garage forever! Getting out of the garage and onto the road, we still need as much organization as if we were staying at home. These 8 tips will ensure you stay prepared and organized during your road trips.


Road Trip Organization

What Will Your Garage Organization Look Like?

Plus 5 questions to help you decide.


Garage Organization Edmonton


The above is an example of great garage organization. This family has utilized many products and services we offer to make their garage the best. There’s even a comfortable amount of room to fit in a car now!

All garages are different, and the best part about these organization products is that they are customized for any garage. So what will your garage organization look like? Here are 5 questions to help you decide as you consider cabinets, shelving, overhead storage, and/or epoxy flooring.


  1. Where do you want to store items, and what do you want your garage’s layout to be?
  2. Do you have harmful chemicals or dangerous tools that need to be kept locked away and out of reach of the children?
  3. Do you need an area for long-term or bulky storage items that will take up too much room on the floor?
  4. Is your cement garage floor cracking or getting harder to clean?
  5. Are there tools and items stored in your garage that you use everyday, but can get cluttered or dangerous laying on the floor?


As you consider these 5 questions to help you decide what garage organization solutions you need, don’t be afraid to call and ask for help or an estimate! We work with you during the whole process, so you can know you are getting exactly what you need and want.

Check out our gallery pages for more inspiration to help you decide what you want your garage organization to look like!