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Best Choice

"We had many companies come with ideas and quotes for our garage storage and organization, but Monkey Bars was by far the best..."

Pam Schamehorn - St. Albert


"We are pleased with the Monkey Bars system you installed and the great service you provided. The design and flexibility of the..."

Hugh Wyatt - Edmonton, AB

30% More

"Thanks for the professional installation. I was very pleased with the service you provided and a very nice installation. The..."

Tim Hucul - Sherwook Park, AB

Helping Us

"Thank you to Pat, Sandy and Monkey Bars for helping us organize our garage! The high quality of the shelving and workmanship..."

Hugh & AM Stacey - Edmonton, AB

The Best Choice!

"We had many companies come with ideas and quotes for our garage storage and organization, but Monkey Bars was by far the best..."

Pam S -

Prompt and efficient installation

"The design and flexibility of the equipment has freed up valuable floor space in our garage and makes it easy to transition..."

Hugh -

Garage Organization in Edmonton

Getting the most out of your garage organization is something all Edmonton homeowners want. However, Edmonton residents are kept from the best source of garage organization simply because they know not where to find it. Here at Wicked Workshops we have the training and the products to help you get the garage you’ve always wanted. We proudly carry:

  • Garage Shelving: We have the Garage Shelving Edmonton Residents love! Store up to 1000 lbs on just 4 ft of shelving.
  • Garage Cabinets: Need to hide some odds and ends? Change an unsightly garage into a beautiful organized workspace with our Garage Cabinets Edmonton.
  • Garage Overhead Storage: Get the most of your garage by using your unused space for storage. Garage Overhead Storage can help you store your rarely used items.

We’re your Garage Organization in Edmonton experts. Give us a call and we can give you a free quote and storage assessment.

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The Best Garage Organization in Edmonton

The Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems leaves the competition in the dust.

Monkey Bar Storage System

– 1,000 lbs of storage in just 4 ft!
– Hold up to 3x more than other systems
– Patented Hanging Systems. Store above, hang below
– Powder-coated for protection and durability

Free Organization: Wicked Workshops, Inc. provides FREE organization services to their customers. That’s a $200 value service, completely free!

Call us today to get the best garage organization Edmonton has to offer!

by on May 21, 2015